The French aka Jenny

Jenny “The French” was born in rural Louisiana, but did most of her growing up in Maryville, Tennessee.  After high school,  she was dead set on leaving the South, but kept ending up back home after a year or two in a new place.  In between all these moves,  Jenny earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in French.  After spending a few years living abroad in Lille, France, she decided to put down permanent roots in Knoxville.  “The French” has now been happy to call this city home for over ten years.

Jenny lives just north of downtown, and you will often see her out and about for various community, cultural, and entertainment events in the neighborhood.  You might even catch her singing Dolly Parton songs at karaoke!  More than likely, she will be wearing pink or other bright colors and sporting her signature baby ponytail.  Say “Hey!” to the French if you spot her!

The Fried aka April

April grew up right by the lake in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  “The Fried” is proud to be (and talk) country.  After high school, April moved to Knoxville and began working in the retail and resale industry.  She met her husband Justin through a shared love for hardcore music.  They became straight-edge soon after meeting and are proud to be drug and alcohol-free for almost 15 years!  They started a family and were blessed with Nora, a miracle baby who survived multiple heart surgeries and is now a thriving pre-teen.  Then came Otto, a wild child that the neighbors call “Tarzan Boy!”  April and her family live in Blount County along with two dogs, a sphinx cat, geckos, and a big ole pig!  You will often see her out and about picking for the shop, most likely wearing something red and a beanie on her head!  If you see the Fried at a yard sale or church rummage sale, say “Howdy!”

April and Jenny met working at a resale shop, and they began dreaming and scheming about starting their own vintage clothing store.  Each year, their ideas were transformed into more of a reality through incremental steps.  Now the shop is both Jenny and April’s full time gig, and they are proud to be women business owners!

These ladies’ hard work and success inspired Justin to start his own resale venture called Never Aged VHS and Vintage.  Check it out!


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Inclusivity. Community. Sustainability.

Vintage Clothing for Every Body

We believe that vintage is for everyone and EVERY BODY.  No matter your age, gender, or size, we have something for you!  We welcome ALL people into our shop and provide a safe space for you to explore your personal style.

Shopping on Budget

Despite rising popularity of vintage styles, we continue to offer affordable clothing options for a range of budgets. You never know what you will find on our sale rack or in our $1 bin! Why pay for a reproduction when you can shop locally and get the real thing?!

From Classy Chic to Funky Freak

We carry a variety of styles to suit any fashion sensibility.  Vintage clothing offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with a new look.  Let us help you enhance or redefine your style!

Buy Vintage & Save the World

One of the best reasons to buy vintage is because it helps the planet! When you shop secondhand, you keep clothes out of the landfill.  Make clothes last- renew and revamp the past!

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